Gambling Legislation Of Germany: Experts Published Recommendations

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April 20, 2022
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Gambling center (forschungsstelle glücssspiel) gogengeim university in stuttgart announced recommendations for updating gambling legislation.

Gambling Legislation of Germany: Experts Published Recommendations

One of the recommendations is the legalization of the online casino segment with a reservation on the fact that the legislators shold develop strict restrictive rules for its work. Researchers also propose to introduce taxation for unlicensed operators.

The document promulgated by representatives of the center also calls on the creation of a new federal gambling regulator.

Representatives of the organization note that at present, unlicensed gambling operators can fully ignore the tax system applied to legal operators. This gives them a significant advantage in relation to the last. If you enter a mandatory taxation, regardless of whether the company has been granted a work permit on the market or not, the advantage will be lost.

According to forschungsstyelle glücksspiel, in 2017, the segment of terrestrial gambling institutions generated ggr in the amount €607 million, more than half of the specified amount – €319 million – was listed as tax revenues. However, the organization claims that the same year an illegal online market has generated order €one.76 billion, while paying only the increment tax – €334 million. If the usual tax rules were acting about illlegal operators, the budget would have come to the budget €915 million.

Currently, Unlicensed Gambling Operators CAN FULLY IGNORE THE TAX SYSTEM

In addition, experts note that, despite the ban on the organization of gambling and the provided criminal punishment for its violation, the data of the norms does not apply to the online segment.

Effective mechanisms for combating a wondrous reputation of a segment of the online casino experts consider the introduction of self-slip programs for players and limit on user spending.

The organization believes that gembling advertising should be prohibited at the legislative level.

In addition, the organization’s report contains a recommendation for the creation of a special body – gambling regulator endowed with special powers.

Recall that because of the strict rules of work of the german gambling industry, the number of terrestrial gembling objects is rapidly reduced.

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