Gambling Legislation Of Ukraine: Information And Financial Security

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April 19, 2022
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The bill on the legalization of gambling activities in ukraine has significant disadvantages in financial and information security issues. What exactly are the fraught – read in the material.

Gambling Legislation Of Ukraine: Information and Financial Security
Content: 1. Financial security2. Information security

At the moment, the only legal type of gambling in ukraine remains lottery. The activity of operators as subjects of primary financial monitoring is governed by the rules consistent with european practice. However, in relation to illegal companies, everything is much more difficult. It shold be noted the lack of actual control of involvement in the organization of gambling, which, according to the legislative standards, is a criminal offense. According to experts, the current state of affairs may continue when working as a legal market.

Financial security

In order for the gambling business to regularly and honestly filled the treasury, the financial security of electronic payments is necessary. The draft law does not imply the main – equipment certification process. Moreover, the rule does not contain imperative rules for the creation of a monitoring system for cash transactions. The bottom line is that when the market is launched, the control systems will not be pretty delayed in objective and subjective reasons.

According to experts, the current situation has every chance to contribute to successful money laundering in the formal compliance with legislation. So that this does not happen, it is necessary to secure the minimum requirements for moneytary transfers.

Another space of legislation is the lack of a requirement for creating central computer systems. According to experts, in addition to the main system, the backup. This will ensure the smooth operation of the mechanism.

Lack of these requirements will give reason to doubling companies, as well as the fact that the state control of the industry can be carried out at the proper level.

Information security

Information Security

Online gambling strikes the scale of its prevalence, because questions about protecting users from fraudulent actions, their financial security and assessment of the accuracy of the operator’s income volume.

According to the draft law, it envisaged to itroduce an integrated information protection system (xsi), which, in the opinion of experts, does not comply with world standards and have long been outdated. The correct approach would be a requirement for operators that would assume the availability of certification according to the standards of information security management system (swib).

It looks even more illogical that the standards of xzi should be applied only to lottery operators, and casinos and bookmakers remained out of sight in this regard.

Recall that according to boris kushniruk, the authorities are trying to legalize the gambling business at any cost, satisfying the needs of lobbying groups.

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