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May 12, 2022
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The researchandmarkets platform conducted a large-scale study of the global gambling market, as a result of which it was managed to determine the legal casino assets around the world. The figure was over $ 134 billion and according to forecasts for 2026, it will increase to more than 150 billion.

"In 2021, the world’s world market and online casinos are estimated at almost 135 billion us dollars. If the average annual growth rate of this segment will continue at the level of 3.4%, then by 2026 the cost of assets of such companies will reach 160 billion, "is indicated in the results of the study.

For comparison, the researchandmarkets platform led the current state of bill gates, which in april 2021 according to forbes information was estimated at $ 124 billion.

The main factors of the development of the branch of gambling experts called the improvement of modern technologies, the improvement of artificial intelligence, the use of blockchain technology and t.D.

"At the rate of growth in the marketies of some states of the the authorities of some states of the opening of gambling institutions is prohibited in a number of countries. Also, the obstacle is becoming long-term timing of licenses for online casinos in new regulated jurisdictions, "experts report.

Recently, forbes magazine have published a rating of america’s ricest people. It found the place of miriam adelson, the owner of las vegas sands. According to the world gets the world’s largest income from gambling. Its condition was rated in more than 30 billion dollars, which allowed her to take 24 line in the ranking. Gambling business has moved to a woman after her husband’s death. Famous in the community sheldon adelson died on january 11 of this year. He was 87 years old.

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