Gambling Operators Of Denmark May Encounter Tax Raising

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April 22, 2022
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Online gambling operators denmark may encounter an increase in tax rates from 20 to 28%.

Gambling Operators of Denmark May Encounter Tax Raising

The denmark government published the details of the financial legislation of 2020, which includes a plan to increase tax rates on virtual gembling up to 28%. According to preliminary data of the government, the increase will allow to further attract the execution of the order of 150 million danish kronas ($ 22.2 million). The law will com into force in 2021.

Indition, it is assumed to be an effective increase in tax liabilities of licensed operators employed in the danish igor market, by 40%, which will entail a significant reduction in the profits of local companies. The government stressed stressed operators working in the ground segment of gambling business are already paying 45% tax for casino and 41% – for slot halls. Inddition, offline operators also pay additional taxes.

Based on this, according to the danish authorities, online operators must the government for relative loyalty regarding the taxation of the segment.

At the same time, experts note that the true motives of the government can be to limit the marketing capabilities of operators. The fact is that increase in tax rates will inevitably entail a reduction in the financial capabilities of operators to promote their products. The cause of everything can serve as statistics, which recorded the record marketing activity of the republic of 2019.

Licensee of the current year adopted a voluntary code, the purpose of which is to limit excessive activity regarding television marketing.

Restriction of Excessive Activity Regarding Television Marketing

The government, meanwhile, excited about the situation with problem gambling in the country. The register of self-slipped rofus players, initiated by the spillmyndigheden gaming regulator, contains 20 thousand. Participants. It significant that more than two thirds of users took advantage of the possibility of lifelong exception.

This week, the gambling regulator announced a new campaign aimed at helping players – stopspillet.

Online gambling market denmark is often raised as an an example of other jurisdictions as a successful model of transition from the work of the state monopoly – danske spil – to the open competitive market.

It still unknown how strong the impact will be rendered to the segment due to the increase in the tax burden. However, according to experts, one way or another, the increase will affect the players.

Recall that in the fourth quarter of the 2018th-go-moving vertical of the online segment of denmark steel rates.

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