Gambling Reform In Germany Can Happen Faster Than Expected

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April 20, 2022
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According to a survey conducted at the beginning of this year, the majority of germans believe that the country needs to update gambling legislation. Recommendations to legislators come from various organizations, this time the german research center for gambling (grc) joined the topic discussion.

Gambling reform in Germany can happen faster than expected

Recommendations developed by grc suggest the implementation of the tax system for unlicensed operators, as well as the legalization of the online segment.

Legalization is supposed to be compliance with the strict rules of the industry, this process should also be accompanied by the creation of a new regulatory body to control the industry.

According to the gambling business generates abot $ 1.94 billion and at the same time pays to the treasury only the incremental value tax – $ 369.7 million. If tax rules were established for violators, similar to those on which a legal segment works, the receipts would exceed $ 1,012 billion.

German criminal code implies a strict punishment for organizing the work of underground casino, but does not contain sanctions against illlegal online operators. The latter actively use this legislative. Theraefore, according to researchers, germany needs to revise the legal conditions of the operation of the gambling market.

Despite The Ban, There Is A Demand for Gambling On The Internet

Despite the ban, there is a demand for gambling on the internet, the leganization meanwhile, the believe that for the user and its interests, the legal market its always preferable to illegal.

But the poker operations should not be legalized, according to researchers. They found this game subtject to manipulation and fraud. Gambling advertising should also be completely prohibited.

Using federal status, a new gambling regulator will work and carry out functions on the oversight of the activity of gembling operators, legislators and providers of decisions for gambling business.

Recall that the german land of schleswig-holstein plans to expand the possiblities of the work of the gambling industry on its territory.

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