Gambling Reform In Greece Approved By Parliament

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April 15, 2022
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Greek parliament adopted a package of bills aimed at accelerating economic development. One of the norms was the draft law on reforming the work of the gambling-industry.

Gambling Reform in Greece Approved by Parliament

Thus, games were legalized using random numbers generator (gsh). A vivid example of such gambling are slot machines.

Previousditions contained a ban on the provision of gembling-services using hsh. To defend your rights, the operators were forced to sue.

The final edition of the law also reduces the size of the license collection to €3 million and sets 35% tax on the gross income of licensees. Corporate income tax in the amount of 20% will be charged first. According to the strategic consultants regulus partners, this measure will allow to reduce operators to avoid the payment.

It is planned that online operators who issued temporary license in 2011 will be able to continue work until march 31 2020. After the expiration of the certification period, all 24 companies will have to re-apply for licensing.

Can not claim to receive a greek license operators added by the country regulator in the black list. When considering will be taken into account in one year.

The package of laws was supported by 165 deporties of the greek parliament, another 122 parliamentarians voted against. For the entry into force there is not enough signatures of the president of prokopis pavlopulos.

Recall that in greece there will be a gambling facility – casino hellinikon.

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