Gambling Taxes In Latvia Will Be Raised

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April 18, 2022
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Despite all the gambling industry aboutatives of the exorbitant tax burden, which is negatively affected by the industry and ultimately – at the state treasury, the sejm supported the increase in tax rates.

Gambling Taxes in Latvia Will Be Raised

Amendments to the duty and tax that are imposed on gambling and lottery operations, in the first reading were used in the seimas.

The document involves an increase in tax rates from next year. So, the size of the annual contribution for each name of gambling equipment – roulette tables, dice or desktop gambling – s. Will increase €23.4 thouusand. Before €28.08 thousandsand. Gambling operators will also be obliged to pay €5172 as an annual collection for each slot machine. Previously, the tax rate was €4164.

In addition, the authorities plan to change the balance of the gembling-inds generated by the gembling-indstry, so that 90% of the resource came to the state treasury, and the residue – to the local budget.

Recall that parents are concerned about a surgery of interest in gambling on the part of young latvians.

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