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January 31, 2023
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Residents of gambling zone «azov city» do not lose hope to extend the life of the object at least for a minimum for three years. According to experts, in case of its closure january 1, 2019, the budgets of all levels risk incurd damages to 500 million rubles.

Gambling Zone'Azov-City': Hope for saving?
Content: 1. Politician’s opinion2. Investors hope to save the gambling zone «azov city»

On december 4, the state duma adopted a law on the procedure for paying compensation to residents of closing gambling zones. According to the document, if the object is closed, wort worrying 10 years, investors receive monetary compensation. But «azov city» not afforded to this legislation. Residents risk losing all invested funds.

Opinion politicians

The adoption of the document caused an active discussion from representatives of regional authorities. So, the republic of the russian federation nikolai siddy said that the law is unjust and voting for him representatives of the party do not intend. The politician is outraged by the fact that a large number of people will lose work and no one will reimburse the losses incurred.

Political party representatives also expressed dissatisfaction with the bill «united russia». Deputy vladimir novikov stresed that the adoption of bills that infringe upon the rights of investors are unacceptable. In addition, he was indignant that in the consideration of the law, no representatives of russian entities or the professional community were not taken into account.

Investors hope to save the gambling zone «azov city»

In turn, investors do not lose hope to postpone the closure of the gambling zone. General director of zao «fenugreek» maxim smolensev believees that the new bill today is the only chance to extend the term of work «azov city» at least three years.

Investors are ready to deal with the second reading. They require removing discrimintory items from it concerning «azov city».

Director of branch llc «royal time» in the krasnodar territory, damir chagayev also disagrees with the draft law. According to him, the authorities of some investors, but at the same time openly discriminates the rights of others.

Recall: currently active work on finding vacancies for employees of the closing gambling zone.

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