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January 12, 2022
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Igor zone «azov city», located in shacherbinovsky district, officially ceased its work. It became area of the deputy head of the area on social issues, olga barkan.

Gambling Zone'Azov City' officially closed

From december 30, the first russian gambling area is closed. December 29th was an extreme working day for irks employees. According to brican, payment of compensation staff will begin soon – this question is a priority for district authorities. In compliance with all the measures, the prosecutor’s office will follow. Indition, olga barkan said that many employees of the liquidated facility had already found a new job. Some of them got into local cafes, some received offers from residents of the second kuban irkz – «krasnaya polyana».

Meanwhile, investors «azov city» do not lose hope to return their money, despite the fact that of the closure of gambling zones is adopted and signed by the president of russia. Recall that the letter of this law ircz «azov city» does not fall under compensation. At the end of december, representatives of cjsc «fenugreek» and llc «royal time» sued to the administration of the krasnodar territory demanding to fill them invested funds.

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