Gambling Zone “Krasnaya Polyana” Unveiled The Results Of The Work For 2019

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April 26, 2022
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Irskz «krasnaya polyana» published the results of work for the current year. Her attendance has increased and amounted to 700 thousand. Man, and the prize fund of poker tournaments held for the year amounted to 936800,000 rubles. Details in the material.

Gambling Zone 'Krasnaya Polyana' unveiled the results of the work for 2019

Regarding the increase in the number of visitors, icc has a steady growth trend. So, for three years of work by visitors «red polyana» 1.6 million citizens from 149 countries of the world. This year 500 million rubles were played and 30 cars.

The growth of attendance is due to a variety of factors. First, the current year began with the opening of a new gambling institution in the irsk area – casino «boomeranang». Design of the second largest ignition object «red polyana» designed taking into account the focus on the youth audience.

In addition, the area of ​​the hall of slot machines «bonus slots» it was increased to 945 kv. M, and the number of gambling equipment has been halved. Now visitors can enjoy the game for 175 slots.

This year, the launch of megadzhekpotov was also held, which allow with relatively modest rates in a blink of an eye to become a millionaire.

The sports and entertainment segment of the gambling zone was complemented by the opening of the wow arena platform. The latter is equipped with a direct transition to «casino sochi». Thanks to the competent embodiment of the dutch project, the platform can be transformed under various formats of mass events.

Wow Arena

Thanks to partnership with pokerdom, pokerstars, 888poker and partypoker were held 12 international series of poker tournaments.

One of the achievements of this year was the verification of the official accounts of irs «krasnaya polyana» on facebook and instagram.

In addition, the gambling zone was used as a tv series «kitchen. War for the hotel». And in the summer, the festival sochi summer fest was organized for the first time.

One of the largest achievements of the year can be called recognition «casino sochi» the best mice-platform according to the national prize «sports and russia».

At the end of the year, the gambling zone visited about 1.5 million travelers from 146 countries. Budgets of the municipal and federal level were replenished by 2.5 billion rubles due to taxes from gambling institutions.

Recall that around the construction of vladivostok airport in the gambling zone «primorye» these investment battles may arise.

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