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January 31, 2023
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The prosecutor’s office of the altai territory believees that regional authorities impede the entry of new investors in the gambling zone «siberian coin». In turn, representatives of the only igor igor object – casino altai palace – commented on this situation.

Gambling Zone'Siberian Coin' Unattractive for Investors - Expert
Content: 1. Plans for gambling zone2. Comments altai palace3. Obstacles «siberian coin»

On the official website of the regional prosecutor’s office there was information that «siberian coin» does not ensure the influx of private capital, despite the allocation of a significant amount of budgetary funds.

According to representatives of the department, this is due to the lack of due control. Thus, the new regions of irs are not mastered, they are not working on them, objects are not built. The prosecutor’s office believees that it pushes potential investors.

Plans for gambling zone

According to the initial plan, in the gambling zone «siberian coin» 39 objects should have been built, including a casino network, hotel complexes, a helicopter platform, a ski complex and others. However, today only one functions on the territory of irs – casino altai palace. Moreover, it the only gambling establishment throughout the urals to the far east.

Comments altai palace

General manager altai palace casino sergey potapov is confident that the main tool for attracting investors – favorable conditions for operating and investment. He thinks that «siberian coin» rather, residents are interested in other regions or even countries.

Obstacles «siberian coin»

Despite the lack of competition, according to potapov, the casino has a number of difficulties. One of the main – lack of assistance in solving the problems of the authorities. Potapov brought an example of the road to the gambling zone, which was built only by the end of october of the current year. He explained that a gravel road was led for a long time and people simply did not want to come. It repelled and investors.

Indai casino reported that the regional government conducts regular checks, trying to find disorders. According to him, the planned expansion of the fleet of slot machines suspended precisely because of the complexity of interaction with the fts region.

Thus, sergey potapov is confident that the conditions for attracting investors in the gambling zone «siberian coin» just not created.

Earlier it was reported on the completion of the construction of the substation and the power line of the power lines to «siberian coin».

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