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August 30, 2022
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Casinos y salas argentina

Entertainment halls and casinos in entre ríos province will return to work, gradually opening their doors in accordance with the health protocol developed by iafas and the entre ríos ministry of health.

Iafas solution re-activate electronic entertainment establishments – slot machines – is part of the planning of the executive authority of the province.

The gaming machines and the entre ríos casino machines and the entre ríos casino, closed since march 16 due to the covid-19 pandemic, will occur gradually, in accordance with the charts that are carefully studied, to meet the current provincial and municipal protocols and guarantee the protection of workers and participants.

"Iafas ordered and safely returns to its activities related to gambling, to fulfill its main goal – compliance with social actions," says president of the cp institute silvio vivas. And adds: "we have the need to comply with the guidelines in matters of social action, maintaining the level of wages and sources of work".

Vivas also emphasizes that the partial opening of the entertainment centers is good news from the point of view of combating illegal gambling games. 

"In these months, we witnessed the growth of an underground threat, both online and physical, which damages the state lotteries, such as iafas, which are officially acting; the ensure the safety of the player and draw what is produced in various areas of social activities, which is clearly not happening in illegal alternatives."

Source: official website of the institute of financial assistance in the social sphere of argentina iafas

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