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April 13, 2022
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The department of urban planning and land relations of orenburg made an initiative to create in the city of gambling zones. However, it is not known whether the innovation will support the deputies of the city council.

Game objects may appear in Orenburg

The initiative came against the background of recent changes in the order of the ministry of economic development of the russian federation. The document provides for an item according to which land plots can be used to conduct gembling operations.

It should be noted that speeches about classical gambling areas, such as «amber» or «krasnaya polyana», do not go. This refers to the permit for the placement of gambling facilities intended for the provision of bookmakers. Thus, ppps can be placed outside of special gembling zones.

Orenburg does not use land plots for gambling. At the same time, the bookmakers have the right to provide services in the city. This was the reason for the emergence of such an initiative from the department.

It not known how the deputies of the city council will respond to the initiative, but the final decision in this case remains behind them.

Previously, experts expressed an opinion on the development of gambling zone in the crimea. Despite the fact that a long time on this issue was not received, it is only known that it will be located near yalta. The project causes ambiguous assessments of specialists. Some believe that predicted financial results are impacticable.

Recall that the development of irks «siberian coin» shifted from a dead point.

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