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July 25, 2022
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GameArt Releases A Christmas Slot: Santa Factory

Gameart, the developer of high-quality html5 slot machines, to christmas released its latest release – santa’s factory.

Santa’s factory – slot game with cascade drums 7 × 7 with many visual effects and exciting festive functions, including four santa’s box functions, santa claus bonus, total winnings, large-sized symbols, random gifts and gift refund .

The winnings contribute to filling the santa claus functions counter, and when each segment is filled with enough successive victories, one of the following santa claus functions is added randomly: an explosion (converts up to eight characters into wild symbols when removing adjacent characters), the incision and playing bone (the wild symbol passes in the center of the druss and creates two diagonal lines from the center with the same random symbols), destruction (destroys all symbols with low payments) and swap shop (chooses one random symbol with low pay and all coinciding symbols, and turns them into another symbol).

When the santa box characteristics counter is fully charged, santa bonus is added to the queue. Santa bonus first adds a wild santa symbol 3 × 3 to the grid in a random location. If no more cascades are impossible, it becomes two wild symbols of 2 × 2, before, finally, turn into nine characters 1 × 1 wild. New characters fall from above, filling the grid before each move.

After each rotation, the multiplier of the overall win is applied to the amount won. This multiplier corresponds to the number of functions activated in this game round.

When four coinciding symbols with low or high pay adjacent to each other in the form of a square, they turn into one symbol of super-size 2 × 2. Winnings are doubled if one or more symbols of super-size are part of the winning combination.

The function of random gifts gives players the opportunity to accidentally fall out eight wild symbols on the drums in any initial non playful rotation.

In the return function of gifts, with each rotation, a random low-paid symbol is highlighted. If any of the dedicated characters is removed as part of the winning combination, the leave after themselves two characters 1 × 1 wild.

Santa’s factory – an exciting game that is full of pleasant surprises and will surely deliver the players a festive mood.

Source: gameart official website

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