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March 30, 2022
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Gamescom 2019 – one of the largest exhibitions dedicated to electronic entertainment in europe. On its scale it is analogue e3. This year is already the eleventh in the account of event. The exhibition-conference started today, august 19, and will last until august 24.

Gamescom 2019 Started Today: The First Details from the Event
Content: 1. Gamescom 2019: microsoft conference (inside xbox) 2. What will show google stadia connect on gamescom 20193. Surprise for fans: the gsc game world4 team arrived at gamescom 2019. Presentation from gamescom opening night live on gamescom 2019: what to expect5. On the gamescom 2019 will show the first trailers praetorians and commandos 2

As part of the event, the largest companies that specialize in the development of computer games, represent their announcements, tell the upcoming releases, are divided by plans.

Gamescom 2019: microsoft conference (inside xbox)

Today is a presentation of products from the microsoft developer (inside xbox). Broadcast will begin at 18:00 moscow time.

This year, fans are especially waiting for the microsoft presentation (inside xbox), as the news should be a lot. First of all, the developer will reveal some details about the upcoming aaa projects. Fans will see the trailers of new games and video with gameplay. In particular, we are talking about destiny 2: shadowkeep, greedfall, tom clancy’s ghost recon breakpoint, the surge 2, horde mode in gears 5 and others.

In addition, by tradition, the company will talk about new accessories and the celebration of x019. Broadcast presentation will be in twitter, facebook, twitch and youtube.

What will show google stadia connect on gamescom 2019

American telecommunication giant google has already shared information that the new stadia product. Fans will learn more both about the service streaming game, and about what games will be available on it. The company also promised to demonstrate the trailers of some games. Broadcast will be held today, august 19, at 20:00 moscow time. You can see her on youtube.

Surprise for fans: the gsc game world team arrived at the gamescom 2019

Surprise for Fans: The GSC Game World Team Arrived at the Gamescom 2019

Photo source: rampaga.Ru

A big surprise for fans was the appearance of developers in the iven.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. It is noteworthy that earlier information about the possible participation of the team in the event appeared on the internet, but later was removed. Denis oreta, one of the members of the developers team, published on his facebook page a message about what is ready to go to the event. But later the post disappeared. However, the most attentive fans managed to distribute information. The company did not comment on his plans for participation in the gamescom 2019 conference conference. Her representatives arrived unexpectedly, per day before the start of the event. All of them were in t-shirts with the inscription s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. What information the will appear fans – not yet known.

Gamescom opening night live presentation on gamescom 2019: what to expect

At 21:00 moscow time a presentation of gamescom opening night live. This is the final part of the first day. Many developers will take part in it, in particular, those who have not announced their own presentations within the event. Fans will learn a lot of new details about death stranding, call of duty: modern warfare, gears 5, predator: hunting grounds, need for speed: heat, destiny 2: shadowkeep. In addition, some amateurs of computer games are confident that the need for speed ​​gameplay will be shown on the iven: heat, as well as the announcement of plants vs. Zombies: battle for neighborville.

On the gamescom 2019 will show the first trailers praetorians and commandos 2

Kalypso media decided not to keep intrigue before event and already told fans that commandos 2 and praetorians: hd remaster.

The developers explained that the interface was significantly finalized in new issues, updated textures and also added support for modern permissions. Release of both games will be held this year. They will be available on pc, playstation 4 and xbox one. Indition, commandos 2 hd remastered will be available on android, ipad and nintendo switch.

Earlier it became known that the gamescom 2019 can show the announcement of the new part of splinter cell.

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