Gaming Publishers Use Streamers To Promote Lutboks

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March 29, 2022
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In the united states, a working seminar of the federal trade commission (ftc) was held, the main topic of which was the use of lutboks in computer games. Participants of the discussion were representatives of the gambling industry, journalists and developers.

Gaming Publishers Use Streamers to Promote Lutboks

As part of the meeting, it became known that developers and publishers use authoritative industry representatives to promote «miracle jackets». This was announced by the representative of a large company, in whose conduct there is a management directly related to the work of streamers. The expert also added that companies not only reward the streamers for the opening of lutboks, but also produce manipulation with the probability of falling out of certain valuable items.

Omid dariani, head of the online performs group, under which there are dozens of context creators, expressed their opinion, answering the question of what the mechanics of payments for the opening «miracle jackets».

The specialist adds that such a phenomenon is not massively, but many use this channel for advertising and promotion.

The precedent is part of the personal experience of the expert, and theraefore say how common this marketing stroke is difficult.

At the moment, ftc does not introduce the requirements for companies according to which they should disclose the likelihood of valuable things, however, the world giants like sony, nintendo and microsoft came to the conclusion that this kind of information will be published.

Diriani also emphasizes that the most common practice of commercialization of the opening of lutboxs in the company’s environment – publishers taitles on celebrations. The expert adds that viewers relate to similar shots favorably, since for them it is a chance to get a new experience, even if he is not independent.

At the same time, the specialist is concerned that the twitch format platforms undertake streamers to warn about content with sponsorship elements. Although themselves are sometimes proud to relate to the fact that they are entrusted to advertise large companies.

Recall that, according to the uk applicable legal norms, lutboxes cannot be recognized as one of the types of gambling.

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