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April 11, 2022
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Gaming1 Conducts Learning A Responsible Game for Employees

This training module created in collaboration with gaming clinic at the university hospital brugmann (chu brugmann) confirms the commitment of the gaming1 responsible approach to games.

For gaming1 ethics and the responsible game have always been an integral part of the mission: to offer the best responsible gaming experience, oriented to regulated online markets, while using technologies and landfills or partner network. In a world where illegal and, therefore, unregulated sites are available to everyone in several clicks, the duty of the participants in several clicks, the duty is to deal with addiction and offer fun players, but at the same time responsible and managed games.

Remembering this, gaming1 considers the credit to create and implement tools for preventing and protection for players, as well as training for each employee and familiarize them with this problem. Gaming1 also wants to demonstrate that the use of artificial intelligence, supported by a deep data analysis, will allow to individualize the identification and treatment of problem behavior.

Although the responsible game is a problem for everyone in gaming1, the newly created department of the responsible game will coordinate all inititives related to it. In this regard, a partnership with a gaming clinic was established at brugmann university clinic. The goal is to contribute to the study of players’ behavior and create training modules based on the needs of each work. Employees took part in the first educational module, which was presented in the form of interactive e-learning.

General director emmanuel mewissen commented:

"The legal sector makes sense only if it edfectionely protects the players. Our responsibility as legal entities in the world of gambling – also deal wield. Today we want to be able to open your eyes and explain the dankers associated with excessive games.

I would like everything in our company to know about this problem and worked together to create a strong legal sector. You, terrestrial players who are our ambassadors and physically contact with our players. You, digital actors who are dealing with the massees today.

Our work to help people who have a problem to overcome her. We must be able to determine the problematic game behavior to tell together the correct message or even prohibit players who have real problems with the game ".

This first training module, which will now be provided to all new employees as part of their adaptation, covers the problem of the responsible game in general. Informative, but also interactive training, when each employeee responds to a number of questions specified throughout the module. For about an hour, each participant passes through a few topics: control, means of prevention and protection, as well as awareness of employees and players.

Moderation and self-regulating tools, such as cost control, evaluation tests and exceptions are also the central part of the training. Psychological consequency of gaming addiction are considered, in particular, through the stories of the former compulsive player.

Source: gaming1 official website

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