Gatzhi Fighter Condemned Habib For Mockery Over Homeless In The Us

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June 23, 2022
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Mma gaggi fighter is actively preparing for his fight against habiba, who will become the first title chance of the american in ufc. On the eve of the meeting with justin champion, he spoke to the invincible nurmagomedov, who, in his opinion, sometimes allows itself amoral behavior.

Gatzhi Fighter Condemned Habib for Mockery Over Homeless In The US

Justin gatzhi fighter remembered the unpleasant situation of two years ago, associated with habib

This week will be the long-awaited fight of justin gaiture against habiba nurmagomedov on the ufc-254. In her past battle against tony ferguson, the ufc fighter gaiture became the owner of the temporary title of champonent of the invincible dagestanis.

In a separate article, we disassembled dan hooker’s forecast for the battle of nurmagomedov and gaiture.

Before two weeks remained, so the main participants in the event are carried out their latest training before one of the most intriguing confrontations in the division. On also unso the sight of journalists whe are trying to pull out the next scandalous pull out the the fighters to the opponent, which will add oil into the fire. This can be explained by the fact that after the rivalry of habiba with scandalists by corolom mcgregor and tony ferguson justin gahgy looks too benevolent, which plays not on hand and organizers of battle and the media.

Both fighters are not solved publicly underestimate the opponent, although the hints for it slipped far from. In one of his last comments, galeta added fire in them with habib of rivalry, remembering one scandalous situation that happy to dagestan in 2018.

Justin Gaiture, Habib Nurmagomedov

In our other material, we showed how hobib nurmagomedov is preparing for battle against justin gatzhi.

In that comments, justin spoke about the attitude towards habibu, calling him «cool dude», who, in his opinion, is in moderation daring. However, even the ufc champion allowed himself an immoral behavior, which i remembered gaiture.

Once habib posted himself in «instagram» and «twitter» video where he offers his companion to the homeless to perform physical exercises for money. Men dressed in the pickups agreed to the conditions of dagestanis, squeezing from the floor on video. The fighters explained their actions «popularization of sports», however, the fans wondered in their actions only a mock over homelness american. Habibe’s hand was played by the fact that during the shooting was heard of his satellite: fighters criticized the fighters in social networks, after which the video from the pages of nurmagomedov were removed.

Justin gaiture noted that for him such behavior – unacceptable. According to the fighter, if a person has a desire to help someone who is lucky, then you just need to do it, and not to force a person without choosing.

«When i saw it, i thought it was tooo», – said american fighter.

At the same time, gatzhi is convinced that many people need to learn from habiba self-confidence, which only motivates the american. Justin even promised to ask nurmagomedov, which is how it turns out to be defeated and helpless.

Previously, we wtrote about the forecast of the fighter of hamzat chimaev to fight habib nurmagomedov against justin gaiture.

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