Gembling-Legislation Of Ukraine: To Rush Or Edit

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April 19, 2022
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The first vice-speaker of ser ruslan stefanchuk calls to hurry with the assessment of gambling legislation in committees and the subsequent deposit of the bill for the consideration of parliament. However, the amcu believes that the document requires significant refinement.

Gembling-legislation of Ukraine: to rush or edit

According to stefanchuk, the accelerated adoption of gembling legislation corresponds to current public needs. In addition, the gambling business is viewed as an opportunity to receive funds that will subsequently redirected to financing social projects.

Meanwhile, the representative of amcu galina vergimakh reported that the government norm needs to be finalized, since the current edition does not contain a clear division of lottery business and other types of gambling. Such an oversight, according to the expert, may lead to the fact that illegal gembling operations will again mask under lottery activity.

Vergimakh also added that the voiced position is unofficial, since the document containing the results of the analysis of the draft law has not yet been formed. Nevertheless, the committee agrees with a general opinion that the norm should be revised and improved.

Galina versimakh also added that, in addition to technical inaccuracies, the problem of the draft law is that the norm may be ineffective in solving those current tasks that facing the ukrainian gambling industry.

Recall that in ukraine a monopoly operator of lotteries can be formed. The authorities insist that such a measure is a tested european business organization.

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