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February 8, 2022
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Genius-Sports Acquire Sportzcast

Genius sports (gsg) reached the final agreement on the acquistion of sportizcast inc – the leading american data distributor for the scoreboard.

Scorebot, sports data collection system in north america, directly connects to the existing display of the event venue to provide accurate and official data on real-time games in universal data format.

These data are crucial for many applications on facilities and beyond, including sports products, broadcasts, trainer tool platforms and bookmakers. Thanks to this technology, gsg will receive the highest quality sports data, which will allow genius to expand the proposals of its clients in the field of data, streaming and multimedia.

The director general and the co-founder of genius sports mark lok commented:

"The acquisition of sportzcast is expanding the possibilities and relevance of genius opficial data in the united states and around the world, making us even more attractive for sports leagues and partners of federalations. This acquisition is another milestone in the fast and continued gsg growth. We continue to implement our strategy using incredible sportzcast technologies for scaling our streaming and multimedia business and support our basic data processing products.

Sportzcast installed scorebots, which are compatible with more than 194 different scoreboard systems, on more thanwide sports fields worldwide. Sportzcast technology is needed by more than 400 colleges and universities in the united states and more than 50 streaming services of sports events.

"Genius is an ideal partner to speed ​​up our innovation and accelerating the global growth of sportzcast due to a strong distribution network. We are very pleased to join the team and offer new exciting opportunities for our customers and partners. "-

Said president sportzcast michael connel.

Source: genius sports official website

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