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March 24, 2022
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Genting Can Close Southport Genting Casino

The subsidiary of genting malaysia bhd (genm), fully owned by genting uk plc, forever closes the genting casino southport casino in the north-west of england, and 38 employees faced a reduction problem. According to the state market, genmted that the closure "simply inevitably" due to the lack of business due to the constraints of the pandemic.

The game group has already closed the casino in margate, torka and bristol and reduced staff in london, glasgow, edinburgh, blackpool and birmingham.

 "We can confirm that the consultation process has begun with all our staff at genting casino southport, and 38 employees are at risk of dismissal.

As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented problems for the entire industry, and although we have worked tirelessly over the past ten monhs to support business as much as possible, the final closure of clubs, unfortunately, was just inevitable.

To date, genting uk has closed three of its casino as a result of a pandemic, and southport can become the fourth.

Source: edition the edge market

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