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March 23, 2022
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George Elsuort Smith

Racing – one of the most unpredictable sports. In each race there are several obvious favorites, but to come to the finish line can anyone. To beat bookmakers, bill bentera had to develop their own algorithm. George elsuort smith began to collect statistics and with high accuracy to determine the winners before the first computer appears.

Imijorge elsuort smith
nickname pittsburgh phil
date of birth july 13, 1862
place of birth seukli, pennsylvania, united states
date of death february 1, 1905
a place of death ashville, north carolina, usa


George was born in the family of immigrants. He had 2 sisters and younger brother. Part of the childhood was held on a small farm in seukley. When the young man turned 10 years old, the family moved to allegorie.

The future player did not have time to enjoy the convenience of the modern area of ​​pleasant valley – in 12 years he remains without a father. Heavy financial position forces george to go to work at the plug factory. He paid a modest $ 5 per week. More than just a young man bothered not income, but boring and monotonous work.

"I thought i could do something better than cutting the traffic jams, because i knew how to divide 6 to 2," so george smith described his ambitions as a child.

Birth player

Part of the funds the young worker gave the mother’s was postponed. Accumulated capital george put in gambling. He acquired a rooster to participate in battles. His mother adhered to the strict principles, so the "entrepreneur" did not tell about his activities. When george brought the first win home, he had to lie on raising at work.

The first place of work of the future millionaire

Part of the profits from the cocks of the battles went to baseball matches. George has become a cloud of a billiard club in pittsburgh, which broadcast the matches of the national league. In one of the broadcast of races. Emotions commentators attracted the attention of george. From now on, he traced the results of sports horses throughout the year.

The first bet on the races with the 5nd to 1 smith coefficient did in the fall of 1879 – the winnings amounted to $ 38.

For sevel years, george unwind his budget to $ 5,000. He became hard to hide his earnings from the mother, and in the work in the factory there was need. Confidence has appeared that he can provide himself at the expense of gambling.

Smith phenomenon

Before that, george had never visited the racetracks, and followed by the results exclusively through radio broadcasts. He did not just record the names of the winners, but also watched unso what weather conditions there was a check in, tracked the age of scakunov and so on.

By 1885, bankroll george increased to $ 100,000.

Together with all earned smith moved to chicago, where other lovers of races quickly learned about him. Among your loved ones, you can allocate william riley. Soon he nicknamed the newly appliance player to pittsburgh phil to distinguish him from other smith.

To collect more accurate statistics, george began to personally watch jumps. Unlike other players, he was in no hurry to leave the racetrack after announcement of the winners. George passed to the stables to assess the horsisical condition of the horses. If the winner’s hill looked too exhausted, he could no longer go to the pedestal next time. It was a good reason to search for a new favorite in future jumps.

Under a microscope

George smith won so often that the bookmakers refused to betray. Then he had to resort to intermediaries. In order not to disclose their names, pittsburgh phil refused records. All planned rates issued amounts and coefficients he kept in the head.

Bookmakers in response hired "pinkerton" – detectives of one of the best detective 19th century agencies in the us. For smith installed round-the-clock surveillance. If the bookmaker learned the names of intermediars, pittsburgh fil sent spare. He was always ready for the the fact that some of his subordinates will refuse in the rate.

Not only bets

In 1890, smith began to buy race horses and cooperate with jockey. For the first stallion i had to pay $ 4000. In terms of the current course, this amount is 133 thousand dollars. Over the entire king cadmus career, 2 victories won, but his owner won $ 195,000 – record prizes of that time. The rapid horse was distinguished by a violent character, because of which he traumatized the stables of smith.

In 1891, george got another promising horse – parven. Many considered the stallion outsider and did not believe in victory. The coefficient of bookmakers reached 30 k 1. When he finished first, the quotes immediately revised. As a result, the coefficient on the outsider decreased to 10 to 1. For her career, the stallion won 9 races in a row and brought the owner about $ 200 thousand prizes.

In 1890, george smith managed to work with the famous jockey:

  • Henry martin.
  • Frederick taral.
  • Edward harrison.
  • Samuel doggett.

In 1902, winnie show became one of the leaders of equestrian sports. He had a rather high percentage of victories, but after he began to cooperate with smith, he lost a few races in a row. The audience began to accuse partners in collusion. In may 1903, jockey club of the united states and canada disqualified winnie the show, and a little later i banned smith to put my horses on the races. It did not prevent pittsburgh phil to continue to bet and win.


In 1903, smith became less likely to appear on the racetracks, and the number of bets concluded sharply decreased. George began to suffer from chronic cough. To fix health, he went to ashville sanatorium, north carolina. Doctors could not correct the situation and on febrary 1, 1905, smith died from tuberculosis.

George smith with a blank for racing in hand on top of the mausoleum

By 42 years old, pittsburgh phil clapped a state of $ 3.25 million. Today this amount would be 97,980,000 dollars. All his condition – real estate, stocks and cash – was equally divided between the nearest relatives.

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