Georgian Activists Demand To Prohibit Advertising Gambling

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April 18, 2022
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The government of the government in tbilisi took place a protest against gembling advertising. Participants require a complete ban.

Georgian Activists Demand to Prohibit Advertising Gambling

Actionbook place on november 1, anna dolidze became its initiator, a member of the supreme council of justice of georgia. In the process, the official read the petition prepared by the protester. The appeal contained a number of requirements for the government. So, activists believe that citizens under 25 years will not be able to be able to take part in gambling. Indition, they offer a complete ban on advertivising al types of gambling and require online segment control tightening.

Moreover, opponents of the development of the gembling industry proposed to the government to prepare a plan for the the long-term development of the the casino will be localized in special zones provided.

The demonstration participants believe that november 1 should be the day of the ban of gembling operations. The initiator and ideological inspiration of the shares of dolidze stop losing the lives of citizens.

The beradning of the memory of sandro beradze, an employee of the first channel of georgia, whose body was found october 29.

Levan gogicheishvili, an independent depety of parliament, published information on the existence of stakeholders among the ruling elite. It is these groups, according to the depeuty, block the adoption of legislation restricting gembling.

Recall that the first channel of georgia refused to broadcast gambling advertising. Gambling rollers will disappear from the ether next year.

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