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April 15, 2022
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It became known that from next year on the first channel of the public broadcaster of georgia will not be broadcast by gembling advertising.

Georgian Public Broadcaster refused to Broadcast Gembling Advertising

Is reported that the company will fulfill its obligations by the end of this year and stop taking orders for the placement of gembling advertising since january 2020.

In the statement of the first channel it is said that this decision was made on the basis of the main mission of the broadcaster, which is to popularize a healthy lifestyle. Representatives of the company believe that the can provide full support in confronting the dissemination of problem gambling.

The situation was aggravated by the premature death of one of the channel staff. Investigatives are currently underway.

Indition to the ethical component, there is a factiual feasibility.

Channel management stated that it realizes that the refusal to place gambling advertising will entail financial losses.

In addition, representatives of the broadcaster add that funds received from advertising gembling products were sent to the broadcast of licenses for the broadcast of sports events.

The First Channel Declares A Negative Public Opinion ABOUT Gambling and Their Promotion

Despite the fact that at the moment the gembling advertising in georgia is not prohibited by law, the first channel declares a negative public opinion about gambling and their promotion.

One of the important factors for the formation of such an opinion was the participation of minors in gambling. However, some experts emphasize that the problem is generally not in the amount of advertising, but in the azarity of residents. Theraefore, there is a chance that even completely banning this kind of gambling marketing, it is not possible to avoid problemary gambling.

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