German Bookmakers Call For A Complete Revision Of Gambling Legislation

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April 14, 2022
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On the work of the the discusion of the rules for the the work of the the gambling industionry, heads of 16 federal lands the german association of sports rates (dswv) called on to complety revise the existing system.

German Bookmakers Call For a Complete Revision Of Gambling Legislation

Dswv president matias dams said that since, according to the third edition of the state gambling treaty, operators will work in limited conditions, the market itself must be largely expanded.

The document ratified in march suggests that the acceptance of the application for a license will be opened from january 2020. In aldition, a limit on spending players will be installed, €1 thouusand. Per month per person. However, the most dangerous, according to the head of dswv, is a ban on doing business on the internet. Dams suggests that the lack of licensees will lead to the expansion of the illegal segment.

In such conditions, the gambling regulator and state controlling agencies simply will not be able to ensure consumer rights. The only correct decision, according to the dswv head, is the creation of an online gambling market with clear regulatory standards.

«Estimated measures are based on an attractive range of games and an attractive range of games and an increaseive in demand for them increases the risk of gambling addiction», – notic matias dams.

The Growth Of The Popularity of the Number of Users Suffering from The Number of Users Suffering From Gambling Addiction

Dswv president adds that according to the organization’s research, the growth of the popularity of the number of the numbering suffering from gambling addiction.

The specialist also adds that the licensee’s suggestion shold be so attractive so that users prefer it to the black market.

The association of operators whose work is associated with the provision of gaming machines, has already made its contribution, arguing that the monopoly of state lotteries should be saved, but operators need to be allowed to offer sevel gambling verticals.

Last month, schleswig-holstein lawmakers stated the new legislation shold ensure the existence of a responsible, transparent and efficient market.

Recall that local gambling operators inform about reducing gembling objects due to the rigor of regulatory norms.

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