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April 28, 2022
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A large gambling company britain notified affiliated partners about the need from december 30, 2019 to stop advertising a brand online casino on the territory of germany.

Germany IS Actively Preparing To Create Online Gambling Market

It is known that german gambling laws will be revised, and the bet365 casino is completely closed. Recently, the country was preparing for a temporary regulatory regime, according to which op5athers will be able to obtain the necessary permit for activities in germany. At the same time, the bet365 warned affiliate websites about the need to stop brand promotion at the local level.

But despite the above, the online casino bet365 will function in german and will continue to function in austria. Currently, the company is preparing for capital revision of gambling laws in germany. It is known that the third gambling agreement has not yet been settled.

Already twice germany to no avail to aprove the proposed gambling laws. To date, only sports rates are allowed in jurisdiction. Specific solutions on online gembling has not yet been made.

At the time of negotiations on the establishment of a final regulatory framework, the temporary regime on gambling was introduced from january 1, 2020 and will last until 2021. It is known that germany should develop a new regulatory framework approved by the end of 2021 by lawmakers of all 16 federal lands.

Germany Should Develop A New Regulatory Framework

One of the main supporters of the revision of regulatory requirements was the federal earth hesse. Back in november, the regional consulate of darmstadt warned that operators who are engaged in illegal gambling activities (poker and online casino) will face legal and regulatory consequences.

At the implementation of the third contract of gambling and seeks to establish clear rules for gembling in germany. Rhineland palatinate and schleswig-holstein also intend to create a more convenient regulatory framework.

Recall, the gambling regulator of sweden stands for an increase in the fines for money laundering.

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