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January 12, 2022
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Gross income from gambling (ggr) macau in 2018 amounted to mop 302.85 billion ($ 37.57 billion), reports the bureau for supervision and coordination of gambling (dicj).

GGR Macau in 2018 Grew BY 14%

Ggr macau in 2018 grew by 14% compared with 2017. Then this value was mop 265.74 billion ($ 32.97 billion). Grant grantzen, a representative of union gaming, said that annual income could be higher, however, this was hampered by several events: typhoon manghaut in mid-september, holding a festival and visit of the opening of china si jinping during the hong kong zhuhai-macau bridge (chcm) in october last year.

Ggr indicators, according to hortzenna, general forecasts for the year and even to some extent surpassed.

He added that although the increase in the number of arriving visitors to a special administrative district in november is 15.3% connected with the hkzm bridge, this did not entail additional activity in the casino, since the bridge serves as a replacement for ferry reports between hong kong and zhuhayem through macao.

For december ggr rose by 16.6% compared to the same period of 2017, to mop 26.47 billion ($ 3.28 billion). According to rovertsen, this indicator exceeded expectations, since bloomberg predicted an increase of 11%. Gross profit per day amounted to mop 853.81 million ($ 105.93 million), which is 3% higher than the average per year.

Giates also noted that growth in january, february and in the fist quarter as a a whole can reach about 4%.

«The mass market remains still strong, but the vip sector has grown in december after several months. Forecasting the indicators of the first months of the coming year, we admit that in january the income will be less than in february, during the celebration of the chinese new year», – commented on.

Meanwhile, morgan stanley conducted a study, the results of which showed that macau did not use tourists with particularly popular in christmas holidays.

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