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January 27, 2022
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Daily gross income of casino macau (ggr) increased by 32% over the past week. Data provided the japanese brokerage company nomura.

GGR Macau Increases Every Day

This ggr indicator is estimated at $ 134.8 million. In addition, the brokerage company reported that the growth of vip sales in comparison with the indicators of january presumably 30%.

According to official data from the main representatives of the macau market provided by the credit suisse ag banking group, the volume of vip sales in early 2019 were «unstable».

Nevertheless, nomura harry curtis analysts, daniel adam and brian dobson believe that february indicators will be much better than january. This is explained by hype in connection with the celebration of the cenese new year.

According to nomura’s preliminary estimates, the average daily income of the mass market per day was 5% higher than in january. Experts believe that investors can count on gdp growth in february by about 10%.

Sanford c. Experts. Bernstein ltd suggested that ggr last week could increase due to the frequent visits of hairrollers.

Vitaly umansky, unisa lee and kelsi zhu – analysts agency – we predict a more modest ggr growth on an annualized basis, namely from 2 to 5%.

Recall: according to representatives of the government of macau, the initiative aimed at weakening the rules «budget placement», including the discovery of two-star hotels, may contribute to the sustainability and regional competitiveness of the tourist sector macau.

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