Gig Signed An Partnership Agreement With Rootz For Gig Comply

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March 2, 2022
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Gig Signed An Partnership Agreement With Rootz for Gig Comply

Gaming innovation group inc. (gig) signed an agreement with the maltese game company rootz limited in relation to its instrument compliance with marketing requirements gig comply.

Automated tool for ensuring compliance with the gig marketing requirements can be adapted to the regquirements of legislation and standards in advertising. This allows operators to ensure compliance with affiliated persons to their brand and the requirements of the responsible game. This self-catering solutions scans thousands of web pages for maintenance, including the control words "red code" igaming, references and regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions.

The decision to ensure compliance will help ensure that rootz continues to control their marketing campaigns, allowing them to stay ahead when it comes to compliance with the regulatory requirements and imentify potential disorders.

Jonas warrer, managing director gig media, said:

"We are happy to cooperate with rootz and hope to maintains in their strategies. Gig comply helps to provide rootz proactivity and allow them to control their partner marketing, while maintaining their license "

Matti metsol, director of legal affairs and compliance rootz limited:

"Rootz rada add gig comply to complence toolsset. Rootz focuses on automation, and gig comply is perfect for our product. In a constantly changing regulatory environment, we hope that gig comply will be able to quickly marry vulnerable content ".

Source: gig official website

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