Girlfriends Medvedeva And Tuktamyshava Piano On “Pseudoconflict” Of Athletes

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February 7, 2022
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It sems that the situation associated with the figure skater evgenia medvedeva and elizabeth tuktamysheva, exacerbatesheva. Despite the fact that the girls have long been engaged in their work and life and do not remember each other, «to battle» entered their girlfriends. Why? Let’s try to figure it out.

Girlfriends Medvedeva and Tuktamyshawa Piano ON'pseudoconflict' of athletes
Content: 1. Pudroita criticized the performance of tuktamysheva2. Tuktamysheva answered the comment3. Girlfriend elizabeth connected to the discussion4. And was the conflict?Five. Needle in skates?.. What other conflicts occurred in figure skating6. Rodnina – tarasova

Pudroita criticized the performance of tuktamysheva

Figurist of anna pogorya with the russian enerve «arguments and facts» supported his girlfriend evgenia medvedev. She pointed out that the girl works a lot and, according to pogril, as no other than one who deserves participate in the 2019 world cup. The figure skater shared how heavily medvedeva was given to another country. She openly enthusiastically, calling her «big clever and teaching».

Pudroita Criticized The Performance Of Tuktamysheva

However, it was not here and without criticism addresed to another figure skater – elizabeth tuktamysheva. Pudio decided to remember the number of an athlete in which she came out in the costume of stewardess. Under the end of the performance of tuktamyshev, the suit was spectacular than, as it turned out, caused the perplexity of the pogro. She was indignant by the fact that it was extremely indecenta, and worried about how elizabeth would explain it later to his children.

Tuktamysheva answered the comment

Pogroita so actively advertised an interview, this edition, which not to notice it was simply impossible. His got acquainted and elizabeth. The girl commented on the application of colleagues on her page in «twitter». Fans actively supported it in the comments.

Anya, you pay too much attention to me lately. Although i have no problems with attention.
You worry about my future children? First of all, i will teach them to respect the elder, its coach and the work of other athletes, and not to look for excuses in their failures from other people. Pic.Twitter.Com / zligetjmka

— elizaveta tuktamysheva (@tuktikliza)
march 20, 2019.

It should be noted that the intrigue around this situation flared up in social networks is not for the first time. We we wrote about another incident in separate material.

Girlfriend elizabeth connected to the discussion

Did not leave the indifferent statement by pogreina and betina popov, which also commented on «stork» this situation, calling anna «complexed lady». Elizabeth, in turn, made a repost of this record and thanked popov for support.

Girlfriend Elizabeth connected to the discussion

And was the conflict?

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, both medvedev and tuktamyshev have long been busy with their affairs and have no complaints about each other.

Elizabeth explained that he belongs to evgenia medvedeva well and everything that happens in social networks – only conflicts between fans. According to her, there are no misunderstandings between the girls and there was no.

Needle in skates?.. What other conflicts happened in figure skating

The situation with medvedeva and tuktamysheva is far from the first in the history of figure skating. Not so long ago, the figure skater who wished to remain anonymous, gave a scandalous interview in which he told the whole truth about what conflicts actually flared up between athletes.

She is a participant of world and europe championships. The girl shared that during competitions of deceptions, intrigue and real personal struggle – far from uncommon. According to her, participation in contestants – this is a huge stress, where no one regrets anyone. The athlete told that what was happening in the locker rooms is sometimes not subject to any excuses. She stated that the skates can safely put the needle.

Rodnina – tarasova

No less loud was the conflict of the three-time olympic champion, the state duma deputy irina rodnina and her former mentor tatiana tarasova. Rodnina unfaithfully responded how tarasova commented on the world championship in figure skating in helsinki in 2017.

In particular, rodnina pointed out that tarasova was not too objectively characterized by participants. According to her, she spoke too much about himself and their favorites, noted who she trained, and who – no. Tarasova, in turn, rigidly reacted to criticism in his address, saying that she was still on the opinion of the relatives.

Earlier, we wtrote that elizabeth tuktamysheva received an unusual gift from his fans. Read more about it – here.

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