Glasses Kuznetsova And Ovechkin’S Fight In The Nhl Did Not Help “Washington” Beat “Philadelphia”

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April 29, 2022
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The leading in the table of the eastern conference «washington capitals» interrupted a victorious series of four matches and gave way «philadelphia flyerz», despite all the efforts of kuznetsov with ovechkin. The latter even started a fight. Read more in material.

Glasses Kuznetsova and Ovechkin's Fight in the NHL Did Not Help'Washington' beat 'Philadelphia'

Nhl 2019/2020: ovechkin with kuznetsov arranged a spectacle in the match «washington»

In the next match of the nhl season met «philadelphia flyers» and «washington capitals». For the latter, as everyone knows, the star russian is alexander ovechkin. In this game, the hockey player attracted attention not to another record or crashed washers.

In one of the episodes, the russian hockey player applied a hard power reception, writing on the ice forward «philadelphia» travis finite. These actions caused discontent from the rest of the players «flyerz», which got involved in a fight with rivals.

In a separate article, we described a similar incident with the participation of ovechkin, in which the referee of the match was injured from the power reception.

In the contest between «washington» and «philadelphia» judges played an equally important role – spread a mass brawl that alexander provoked.

Eventually «capitals» i could not eat victory by giving way to the owners of the ice site with a score of 2: 3. Did not help «washington» and the effective series of evgenia kuznetsova, wh earned one point, giving the transfer to the rotation.

In a separate material, we disassemble defeat «washington capitals» from the principal rival – «boston brins».

The assist helped the russian striker to extend a personal productive series – evgeny in seven matches in a row earns glasses. Currently, kuznetsov has 42 points in 42 games in 42 points, scoring 16 goals and issued 26 assists.

Previously, we wö wrote about the offer of belinda buckchich’s regarding fires in australia, which was addressed to alexander zverev.

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