Gnome Gnomych Gave A Promise To Sasha T-Shirt: “Angels Plushenko” Is Waiting For Another Quadist

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July 20, 2022
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Son yevgeny plushenko gnome dwarves continues to conquer the expanses «instagram» joint photos with star friends. This time, the page of a young figure skateman appeared coward, which the son of plushenko gave a special promise. Fresh sports news already in the article.

Gnome Gnomych gave a promise to Sasha T-shirt: 'Angels Plushenko' is waiting for another quadist

Instagram gnome dwarves replenished with a new photo with a panty, this time – thematic

8-year-old sasha plushenko, which is widely known under the pseudonym gnome dwarf, from early childhood is located in the environment of real professionals and future great skaters. He was born a year before the victory of his father on the last in his career of the olympic games (in team category), and a few years ago parents gave him to figure skating himself. While alexander has a small experience of speeches at competitions, but already have medals.

Now the boy is trained in the father’s academy, where, oddly enough, the older plushenko almost sees. Two-time olympic champion mainly works with senior and more star skaters.

Evgeny himself in one of the interviews confessed that he rarely has time to train younger groups, where his son worries. Nevertheless, the two-time olympic champion pays special attention to the progress of the son in figure skating, as evidenced by the approach, the chip of which is that they are at home – son and father, and at school – figure and coach. If you believe the parents of the gnomomy, the boy loves figure skating and sincerely wants to achieve success in it. Motivations add and strong athletes who divide the training ice with him. Their number includes the famous quadist alexander cowlov, who ever won the bronze world championship in stockholm. Gnome dwarf has excellent relations with «russian rocket»: immediately after the transition of the plushenau to the plushenko academy, more and more joint photo of the figure skater with the son of eugene began to appear in social networks. Also, the plushenko family visits together with the famous figure skater of russia a sub-operative event outside the sport.

Gnome Gnomych

In the last publication in «instagram» 8-year-old sasha laid out a photo with a panty, but this time – on the occasion of. In the signature to the series of pictures, the young figure admitted that he promised the bronze medalist of the world cup to change the sport, if in the future he could not repeat its achievement – jump five four jumps. Gnomych clarified that it will be a replacement of figure skating.

In the last publication in 'Instagram' 8-year-old Sasha laid out a photo with a panty

It should be noted that the parents of the gnomych are themselves lead him «instagram», in particular, his mother – yana rudkovskaya. On the page to which the boy himself practically does not touch, more than 800 thousand subscribers and almost 3 thousand publications. In one of the comments, 8-year-old sasha told that there is even no application on his smartphone «instagram».

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