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January 13, 2022
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The local government presented the goa tourist policy project, which will lay the foundation for moving the floating casino on land.

Goa transfers floating casino on land

Main attractions goa will be moved as the travel policy project promotes. In particular, it it panned to dislocation offshore casino on land.

As for the gambling segment, the project is mentioned the creation of a gembling cluster of an international class to move offshore casinos.

Also in the document it is proposed to create a goa tourism board (gtb), which will be headed by the minister of tourism. He will assume responsibilities that were carried out by such bodies as gtdc and the marketing and promotion committee (slmpc).

Gtdc will act as a promotional authority and will help in the field of investment in the tourist segment.

Recall: in goa, the prospect of creating its own gambling zone. With such an initiative, the minister of agriculture goa vijay sarezi.

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