Golovin Created For “Monaco” Victory: Grill Satisfied

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April 7, 2022
4 minutes

September 24 in league 1 passed the central match of the tour between «monaco» and «nice». Russians this game was interesting, because alexander golovin plays behind melegskov. And he in this match truly shone. Read more in material.

Golovin Created For'Monaco' victory: grill satisfied

«Monaco» can not – golovin helps

Last season – full failure for «monaco», dismissal of jardama, the appointment of henri, and then return the jardam back, injury and lesions, lesions, lesions. Miracle «monegska» could stay in the highest division. Looking at the club now, i can not believe that only a couple of years ago, he seriously composed psg competition, won the championship and shone in the champions league. But cruis was overcome, new players were bought, the old were cured of injuries, everything repeats again.

Before the game s «nice» w «monaco» there were only three points for six championship matches and a single victory (3 draws and 3 defeats). At the same time, glasses «red-white» lost in a flat place, often before this leading. In its turn «nice» it was on a good move, with four victories, it it included in the top 4 of the tournament table. But if the wards of the jardram do not want to shamefully finish the season, then you need to start winning it now.

Best of all this formula understood just alexander golovin. Having played the corner, sasha got the ball in the penalty area, three players swung at once and the cannon shooting broke into the near the upper angle, effectively and efficiently – 10.

Pick this out from aleksandr golovin to put monaco ahead against nice. ????Pic.Twitter.Com / 8ssqubbsft

— liam tyler (@tyler_lj)
september 24, 2019

About the reasons for which the heads would not want to move into «real» or «barcelona», we wtrote in a special article.

In the second half, alexander had to reterate his goals skills again. At the time of the 73rd minute, the score on the scoreboard was already 1: 1 and «monaco» right went to another loss of glasses. But islam slimani helped the ball on the approaches to the penalty run, which rushed to the field almost with half of the field (at the time of deployment of the attack it is not even in the focus of cameras ). Running goalkeeper, russian made an account 2: 1.

Même golovin n’en crois pas ses yeux.

Timing, vision de jeu, il y a tout. Pic.Twitter.Com / k0f0jtp56v

— dzfootball???????? (@ dzfootball213)
september 24, 2019

But on it, everything was not over, after six minutes he built a goal for his teammate ben yessedherra, first intercepting the transfer of players «nice», then removed the two defenders on the fintee and gave the perfect ass.

la passe déc de #golovin
pour #benyedder qui ajusté benitez #nice en tombe la voix louis 2 renaît et #asmonaco valide sa 1er victoire par un match abouti dans ce #derby ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Pic.Twitter.Com / zv5lyceehm

— lauthentik ????⚪ (@ lauthentik19)
september 25, 2019

It not surprising that the whoscored statistical site gave the greatest assessment among all players – nine.8 points and title hero match.


After the match, we are so fry, pleased the first victory of the club, said that golovin continues to add and shows its importance. He also added that such midfielders need to be treated.

Golovin paganov.. Pic.Twitter.Com / k1saoqhij3

— laurent paganelli (@ laurentpaganel1)
september 24, 2019

Earlier, we wrote about the main one at the receipt at the fifa award.

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