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January 14, 2022
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With the beginning of the winter transfer mass window, seriously spoke about the possible care of alexander golovna from «monaco», but the famous football agent sandor varga expressed his opinion on the prospects of russian.

Golovin Will Remain in Monaco

Acting vice-champion of france – «monaco» – this season shows depression game. Did not help the club either the purchase of young and promising players nor the change of coach. Alexander golovin in the summer after the world cup 2018 passed into a qualitatively another club, no one suspected than such serious problems would overtake «monegaskov».

Yes, and personally, alexander was not very lucky in the new team. The season began with injury in training, then another damage, and now discualification. Talented midfielder can not dial tone.

Theraefore, a number of media in connection with the opening of the winter transfer window began to discuss the possible transition of russian to another club. Among possible buyers were called st. Petersburg «zenith». However, the player agent this information is denied.

Yesterday hungarian football manager shandor varga, known for work with such athletes, like oleg blokhin, sergey rebrov, andrei kanchelskis and dr., expressed my opinion on the future head. According to him, he personally communicated with thierry henri, who said he was pleased with alexander. Sandor believees that despite a certain crisis in the team, «monaco» – great plate for the development of a young player and the groove does not make sense to leave the team yet. The only thing that a football player can get off to this action – departure «monegaskov» in league 2.

Golovin disappeared from social networks

Despite the assurances of agents that alexander feels comfortable in the club and this is a good place for development, it is difficult to degny that the current state of affairs is reflected in the mood of the football player. For example, on the activity of a young player in social networks. Internet use noted that earlier active athlete pages in instagram, «in contact with» and so on. Have long been updated for a long time.

Last post b «instagram» dates from september 22, 2018, and in «vc» – november 19. Thus, two monhs directly from the athlete – no news.

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Publication from alex_golovin 17 (@ alex_golovin17) 22 sep 2018 at 4:35 pdt

Perhaps golovin decided to intentionally remove from social networks for the sake of concentration in training. Now alexander is serving a 4-match disqualification that he received due to the red card in the match with «lion» deceptber 16th. But to the joy of all russian fans, it ends on january 13, and it is likely that golovin will return to the field in the match with «marselev».

Alexander golovin in the summer of 2018 moved from cska to «monaco» for record for russian football player money – €30 million. For 10 matches in league 1, he marked one head.

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