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September 5, 2022
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In roulette, players usually rely on luck. However, joseph jagger has proven in practice that some numbers fall more often than others. Thanks to the collected statistics, garçalo garcia pelaio beat not one casino of europe and las vegas.

Name. Garcia pelyo
date of birth june 25, 1947
place of birth madrid, spain

Early years

Since childhood, gonzalo interested music and films. In high school, he entered a specialized school, but he could not finish her – the institution was closed in a couple of years. But even without a diploma, the young man still managed to find a job on the national radio.

Lifting through a career ladder, garcia began to promote albums of famous artists and groups: mary himenes, pink floyd, jimmy hendrix and others. In the future, he will not forget about the hobby of films, having time to release more than ten film.

Los pelayos

In the 60s and 70s, a group of professional players under the leadership of ken eston and tommy hyland. Usually, such syndicates prefer blackjack, winning the counting of cards. Gonzalo garcia pelaio became the first person who created a large group of routine professionals.

"Los pelayos" actively worked in the first half of the 90s, until he received a ban on the entrance from most of the world casino. In 2003, gonzalo decided to tell the world about the system of rates and the amounts that they actually managed to win.

First mistakes

Passion for tape measure is not immediately beginning to make money the hero article. The first samples were unsuccessful for garcia. The inexperiened player believed that the longer the ball does not stop at a certain number, the higher the chance of its falling down at the following rotations.

After a series of failures, a different thought was visited: there is nothing perfect in the world, and even the nasa rocket may fail. It means that the wheel of the roulette also has defects. The approach to the rates has changed. Garcia began to make forecasts in numbers that fall out noticeably more often.

Over time, the axis of the wheel is shifted, so the numbers on one side can fall more often than the rest

First kush

In front of large rates garcia spent several months in gran madrid, studying the features of all available roulettes. At that time, the casino independently provided a sheet for records. Thus, managers motivated inexperienced visitors, creating an illusion of increasing the likelihood of winning due to the results tracking.

If ordinary guests paid roulette a couple of hours, then garcia was in the hall in the morning and until the evening. Every day he recorded hundreds of rotational results, and after using the computer, i tried to determine the necessary numbers. In this case, he could rely not only for himself, but also for the family – with him, the son of ivan and the daughter of vanessa was observed.

In 1991, gonzalo began to do the first major rates – the total prizes amounted to 700 thousand dollars.

Gambling gastarbers

After the winnings of the gran madrid casino winnings closed the door and delivered to the court to garia. The latter believed that it was true on his side, because for rates he used publicly available information and did not affect the result of the rotation of the wheel. However, los pelayos had no confidence that the court would fall on their side. Then professional players began their tour of a major casino. During the active activities, gonzalo successfully beat establishments in different parts of the world:

  • Amsterdam.
  • Ibiza.
  • Sydney.
  • Las vegas.

The total amount of wins on the roulette exceeded $ 2.7 million. Most of the money los pelayos earned in las vegas.

Some bets are replaced by others

In 2004, the supreme court of spain removed the ban on visiting local casinos from garcia and his team. However, professional players have not yet put on roulette. Due to the high recognition of unwanted guests, the managers have always been ready to take action to prevent them.

By this time, the team’s work algorithm was quite honed, so the group of players was required no more thank to find a roulette with a fairly large deviation. However, when it came to rates, the managers were not shy to change the inventory. The appearance of the new wheel depreciated the collected statistics.

Gonzalo forbade giving tip dealers because the casino does not pay visitors in case of failure

Garcia did not want to part with gambling. He scratched knowledge in the theory of probabilities and found ther. Gonzalo was engaged in preparing the world champion of juan carlos mortensen – in 2001 he won the main tournament of the world series of poker.

His biography was based on a documentary film "waving las vegas: an attack on a roulette" from the tv channel history.

Ultimately, garcia collected all his knowledge of 5 large coursees called study poker. He became less likely to visit the casino, honing the skills on the internet.

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