Good Luck Wheel, Card Games And Lothotron: Tvbet Called The Most Popular Products On Customer Platforms

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April 13, 2022
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According to the press service tvbet, among not russian company partner bookmakers, such as parimatch, betwinner, uabet, 1xbet and melbet (curacao licenses), the most popular live games are «wilbet», «pocherbet», «21bet», «kenob» and «battle of elements».

Good luck wheel, card games and lothotron: TVBET called the most popular products on customer platforms

Tvbet has appeared in 2016. Today the provider focuses on creating high-quality games and attracting the greatest number of users. Also in the tvbet system three-level jackpots, industrial and freebies.

As noted in the company, now in the partner bookmakers, the provider is well represented by the variable line of live games. The share of bets on the liv-game tvbet in the total volume of bookmakers reaches 30%.

The first of the most popular is «wilbet». This is a pretty simple and fast game that combines the principles of the wheel of good luck and the elements of the american roulette. As a rule, the wheel rotate only once clockwise. Players need to guess the sector with a specific number and color. If the wheel has not made three complete revolutions, the result is canceled and the rates are returned to players.

In second place – «pocherbet». Popular among bookmakers game that is broadcast around the clock. It contains five rounds: bet, preflop, flop, turn and river. Used one deck out of 52 cards. The task of each player – collect the most severe combination towards competitors’ players.

The third line is occupied «21bet». One of the most popular gambling on the planet. It is also called russian blackjack or point. The game takes part two conditioned players whose maps are located on both sides of the dealer. First, the host distributes each participant two cards. If no one falls out two aces or the number of points scored less than 17, then the cards continue to be reported to players until the number of points approaches 21. If the participants are recruited the same number of points, a draw is announced.

Fourth position in popularity «kenob». It uses lothotron, where 80 balls with different numbers are put. After the leading mixes them, 20 balls fall out of the lototron. The player will have to guess the numbers that should fall. In addition to the exact list of numbers, you can bet on parity / odd numbers, the colors of fallen balls or the absence of numbers among the result. If the balls are less than 20, the results of the game are annulled.

Finally, the last line occupies «battle of elements». A fairly fast game between the participant and the leading, where the deck of 52 cards is used. The first card gives the player, then – leader. After the card on the table are compared, as a result of which the winner detect. The game implies betting options on color, suit, exact value of the card, as well as on that, curly card or not. Broadcast comes around the clock. You can make rates both on the current and for subsequent distributions.

«All tvbet games are carefully worked out and therefore will enjoy even the most sophisticated users. A variety of classic games and new products will easily abandon everyone. In addition, any participant can pre-try different games in demo and, thus choose what he is more like. As for the winnings, he is credited to the account of the players immediately after the completion of the game. Also participants at the end of many games get a chance to win jackpot», – explain the benefits of products in the company.

Despite the fact that tvbet appeared on the market relatively recently, the portal managed to earn confidence and respect for players from many corners of the world.

Recall, the provider was first introduced at the ice africa international igorman in october of this year.

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