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January 10, 2022
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American telecommunication giant google once again turned out to be in the center of the scandal. Activists accused the company in promoting gambling, drugs and alcohol among children.

Google Again Global Problems

Representatives of various societies for the protection of children accused google that the company, using the confidence of minors, openly promotes among them participation in gambling, drinking alcohol, drugs, as well as entry into early sexual relass. Activists have already sent a 99-page letter addressed to the us federal trade commission, in which the essence of the problem. A number of incidents were given as arguments.

Social activists drew the attention of the trading commission on the fact that «google» offers 84 applications focused on adolescents, where in the game form the are invited to make unacceptable actions. In addition, most applications are allowed for an advertisement for online casino, alcohol, as well as banners with pictures 18+.

At the same time, the ccfc executive director josh golin expressed the opinion that «google» not interested in removing such advertising and prohibited applications, as this brings a company significant income.

Activists ask the federal trade commision to immediately analyze this incident and decide on the reelvant punishment of the corporation. American pediatricians also expressed concern about this aspect. According to them, many children are interested in exactly what is under the ban.

Conflict with roskomnadzor

However, this is not the first case when the well-known american company neglects public principles and even legization. For example, google openly ignores the requirements of roskomnadzor remove from the search issuance illegal sites on the territory of the country. The russian department, in turn, reported on the intestanio to block the access of users to the company’s search engine.

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