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September 23, 2022
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Google it-industry giant will add a new feature to its promotional settings. Update will alla to adjust the number of advertising of the gaming sector whentising the company’s products.

The press service of the corporation steated that the activation process of this function was launched only after receiving feedback from users who steated that they would prefer to limit advertising in certain "sensitive" topics. In addition to gambling, you can alcohol advertising.

Full disconnection of annoying ads – another google function. It allows you to block advertising in a specific category. At the same time, users chan change their decision if you change your mind.

In a statement on the new feature "is an additional step that allows users to furter control their advertising preferences.".

The considered functionality will gradually spread. First, it is officially implemented in the united states, but at the beginning of next sports to submit it for google ads and youtube around the world.

"We will continue to improve your own controls. As you develop our products and expectations, users will developssible to personalization of advertising to personalization of advertising to personalization, – added developers in their official release.

It is worth noting that in the fall of this year, the national communications of italy launched an inspection of google’s advertising campaigns, accusing the corporation in violating state-owned gambling advertising rules.

Recall, the united kingdom will open the world’s first treatment center in the world.

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