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January 31, 2023
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The russian department fined the american telecommunications giant google for 500 thousand. Rubles for refusing to remove illegal resources, including online casino sites, from search results. This was announced by the head of roskomnadzor alexander zharov.

Google IS Fined Roskomnadzor

According to russian legislation, which entered into force on november 1, 2017, all search engine operators must be connected to a single register of prohibited sites in order to delete the corresponding resources from search results in a timely manner.

To date, more than 100 thousand are listed in this registry. Sites, including illegal online casino, drug trading platforms, as well as resources containing pirated content.

Despite the fact that google representatives claim to filter the issuance of sites, the specialists still discovered prohibited resources.

Currently, a bill is being prepared providing a significant increase in fins for such violations – up to 1% of the company’s annual revenue in russia. So, for example, for google this amount will be 452 million rubles.

Recall: for the first week of december, roskomnadzor blocked more than 3 thousand. Illegal sites.

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