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January 17, 2022
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Great Britain Began Analyzing Gambling Legislation

Department of digital technology, culture, media and sports (dcms), a member of the nigel huddleston parliament and oliver dauden, a member of parliament, reported that on december 8, dcms starts an analysis of documents regulating the gambling industry.

Among the research issues will be: the minimum age of clients of the national lottery (not under the age of 18), approved online rates, gambling advertising and age limits.

The role and powers of the commission on gambling: internet restrictions, marketing and powers of the commission on games – as part of a request for evidence, to study the picture of changes in gambling over the past 15 years.

Protection measures for online players, such as rates and expenses, advertising and promotional offers, as well as the need for additional protection for young people will be studied.

The results will be used to inform any changes in the 2005 gambling law to ensure that the rules are based on the protection of customers and the principle of responsible game is encouraged.

During the review, measures will also be studied that can be taken in cases where operators violated the requirements of social responsibility, for example, intervened or did not intervene to protect customer rights demonstrating obvious signs of a problem game, and ways to protect children and young people from gambling.

Also, it was reported that from october 2021 the minimum age to participate in the national lottery will be elevated from 16 to 18 years.

Secretary of state for digital technology, culture, media and sport oliver dauden noted:

"The law on gambling is an" analog law into a digital era. Since there have been problems with bookmakers, casino, hippodrome, industry developed with dizzying speed.

A comprehensive review guarantees that we will solve problems related to protect children and vulnerable people. It will also help those who love to bet, do it safely.

We are based on the experience of introducing tight measures to protect people from risk related to gambling – prohibiting the use of credit cards, launching more stringent age checks and reduced maximum rates on terminals for fixed coefficient rates.

Minister of sports, tourism and heritage nigel huddleston said:

"We strive to protect young people from harm related to gambling, so we increase the minimum age to participate in the national lottery. Since creation of the game model has chath chath change will help make sure that the national lottery, although it has a low level of risk, is not a source of problem gambling ".

The minister was based on a number of measures recently introduced by the government to protect consumers from the risk of harm related to gambling. These include reducing the maximum rates for terminals for fixed coefficients, the introduction of more stringent checks of age and personality for online gambling, ban on gambling using credit cards and expanding support for specialists through the nhs long-term plan.

In september, the government announced the collection of evidence to explore how young people face lutboxes in video games. This will give a clearer idea of the size of the lutbox of the market in the uk and evidence of harm or communication with gambling addiction.

Also, from the moment of its creation, in 1994, the portfolio of the national lottery games has changed significantly, and there is a growing trend towards online games and games with instant winnings, such as scratch cards. In october 2021, it will be forbiden to sell all the products of the national lottery to persons under 18.

The government works with the commission on gambling and camelot to implement a new age limit for the national lottery products as possible and ensure its introduction to the seccified period. According to current plans, online sales for adolescents 16 and 17 years will cease in april 2021.

Source: official website of the government of great britain

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