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March 24, 2022
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Governor Arizona Urged to Apply An Integrated Approach to Gambling Legislation

Governor arizona doug dewi in his appeal urged state legislators to follow the new "modernized" agreement on games between tribes, as it can open the door to legalize sports and fantasy rates.

Dewi reported on intention of negotiations with legislators about the the possibility of imprisonment of the new game industry agreement.

This, according to dewi, can bring additional income of arizona tribes, as well as to the state budget. The term of the current treaties with tribes expires over the next two years.

"The revised treaty is aimed at maintaining the current gaming culture in the state, the possibility of limited, well-adjustable games while modernizing and increasing the revenues of the tribes and the state," dewi said.

The governor said that new agreements would include permission to launch legal rates for sports, fantasy sport and keno, adding that such activity will be "limited and well regulated".

He also hinted that the sport rates would be available online, stating that mobile devices, in particular, would become part of the future of the state market:

"The modernized package of laws will allow to expandance the overall game profile in accordance with the growth of the state time allowing you to use such things as mobile devices as part of the gameplay".

Legislators in arizon considered the draft law on the legalization of limited sports rates on last year’s legislative session.

The draft law of the senate contains plans for regulating rates on terrestrial sports in tribal casinos and bars in arizona, but this law has not passed past the state senate.

Source: official site of the governor of arizona

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