Grand Prix Of Figure Skating Japan-2019: Can Zagitova Take Revenge From The Crown

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April 20, 2022
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November 22 in the japanese city of sapporo will host the final stage of the grand prix series in figure skating. The main intrigue will again focus on single women, namely, at the confrontation of alina zagitova and alena costroin. Read more about the tournament and chances of athletes – in material.

Grand Prix of figure skating Japan-2019: Can Zagitova take revenge from the crown
Content: 1. Figure skating favorites (women) japan grand prix 20192. Figure riding grand prix 2019 japan: participants3. Grand prix japan 2019 figure skating: schedule

Figure skating favorites (women) japan grand prix 2019

Japan has become a special country for russian fans in recent years. And there are two main reasons for it. First, the biggest popularity of yudzuru khani. For the absence of his bright winners among men, he became a kind of replacement, whose riding received a response in the hearts of thousands of fans of this sport. After his victory in canada, which we wrote about in a separate material, the japanese will return to the home grand prix.

Secondly, the popularity of russian figure skaters in japan itself. Initially, sailor moon, performed by medvedev, conquered local fans of figure skating, and then they were struck by alina zagitova, and so that the members of the government personally presented her the dog of the rare breed of akita inu, known now as masar.

And after the victory on the world cup in japan last year, alina became a real star in japan. It is not surprising that this year she performs at the japanese stage, where he feels like at home. Hot support for local fans should help her defeat his colleague by «crystal» alain kosostna. Their sports confrontation must be the main decoration of the tournament, because the girls are considered the main favorites for the first places and entering the final.

Last time alena performed better, we wrote more about her victory in our article.

Figure riding grand prix 2019 japan: participants

Figure Riding Grand Prix 2019 Japan: Participants

Indition to alina and aleena, another russian woman operated in sapporo, the operating champion of europe sophia samoravov. Unfortunately for fans of mishina’s ward, this season is unlikely to bring her medals in serious tournaments. The habitual stable sophia is significantly inferior to its rivals on the technical set and cannot compete with them. So, at the grand prix in china, she ranked fifth.

Truly intervene in the struggle for «gold» with russians can rick kihira. Last year’s triumphistutor final grand prix took second place in canada, giving birth to alexander podovoy and has good chances to get into the final.

Grand prix of figure skating (japan) participants: full list

List of Participants

Grand prix japan 2019 figure skating: schedule

Based on the official schedule on the isu website, the first athletes will begin to arrive on november 20. The next day, official rehearsals, runs and a draw, which will determine the flow sequence. Official competitions start on november 22.

Grand Prix Japan 2019 Figure Skating: Schedule

In russia, the competition will be traditionally being conduced. Japan grand prix 2019 figure skating you can watch on the site «channel one» live.

Previously, we wtrote about the conclusions of the experts on the performance of medvedeva at the grand prix in moscow.

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