Grand Prix Of Mexico (“Formula 1”): Forecast Of Experts On The Race October 27

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April 14, 2022
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October 27 will take place within the grand prix «formula 1» in mexico city. In case of victory, lewis hamilton will be able to secure early championship, but the chances of it are small. Read more about the upcoming arrival and favorites – in the forecast from experts.

Grand Prix of Mexico ('Formula 1'): forecast of experts on the race October 27
Content: 1. Grand prix of mexico 2019: intrigue persists2. Mexico grand prix: schedule3. Forecast of experts bk «melbet» on the race grand prix mexico-20194. Bc coefficients «melbet»:

Grand prix of mexico 2019: intrigue is saved

Race in mexico city – special. Due to the location of the track high above sea level, many pilots have difficulties in managing their cars. This was told by sebastian vettel, racer «ferrari, noting the lack of pressure force. In his opinion, in this component, pilots will be best «red bull», whose cars due to their design have better characteristics for this.

In turn, lewis hamilton believees that the pailts will become the favorites of the track «ferrari». The reason consists in the speed ​​of an updated car «red» and character of the trace itself. It several straight lines that are literally created for overclocking. In this component «mercedes», according to the british, it will be difficult to cope.

Grand Prix

Despite this, lewis has a good chance to secure a decent championship already on the upcoming weekend. For this, he needs, firstly, to win, and secondly, oddly sounds, to hope for the failed performance of his partner valtterter bottas. Finn, in turn, pleasantly surprised fans «silver arr», having got the first place on the past grand prix in japan.

Grand prix mexico: schedule

View live check-in can be on tv channel «match tv». Time in the table indicated moscow.


Indition to the discharged atmosphere at an altitude of more than 2 thouusand meters above sea level, the grand prix in mexico can present a surprise in the form of rains. Weather forecasters promise periodic precipitation and thunderstorms for all the time. The average temperature will be will be within 22 degrees celsius. About how the weather can affect the course of the example of the grand prix of germany.

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Forecast of experts bk «melbet» on the race grand prix of mexico-2019

Experts bk «melbet» believe that most chances for winning the young pilot «ferrari» charles leekler. This season is alady two «victoria». It seems that in the end of the charleship charles was finally able to get to the characteristics of the track app epears the main contender on «gold». In second place, by the probability of victory, experts put lewis hamilton. Briton is stable enough this season and confidently moves to his sixth world champion title. In mexico city, he already defeated, however, it was once, in 2016.

Further in the list of applicants – sebastian vettel. In japan, the german came second, althought confidently took a qualification. It seems to have finally found ideal settings for a car and now again ready to provide competition.

Closes the four of the first max ferstappen. Dutchman was the triumph of the last two grand prix in mexico. According to the same vettel, seba has excellent chances to win for the third time. Boll «red bull» ideal for a high-altitude track, and max hixelf has already proved his class at this season.

Bc coefficients «melbet»:

  • Charles lekler («ferrari») – 2.75;
  • Lewis hamilton («mercedes») – 3.Five;
  • Sebastian vettel («ferrari») – 4.32;
  • Max ferstappen («red bull») – five.0;
  • Valterter bottas («mercedes») – nine;
  • Alexander albon («red bull») – 51.

Earlier, we wrote that the russian grand prix could be postponed to st. Petersburg.

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