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April 15, 2022
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On november 1, the french city of grenoble will be held in the french city of grenoble in figure skating – internationaux de france. We have collected all important information about women’s confrontation in one material.

Grandforward Skating Grand Prix: Schedule and Participants
Content: 1. Figure skating: stage of the grand prix in france (women): forces. Figure skating 2019: grand prix in france: schedule3. Internationax de france: participants

Figure skating: grand prix stage in france (women): force

Figure skating lovers – sports season in full swing, and russian athletes show awesome results. The first grand prix ended with victories of figure skaters from russia. In usa «gold» anna shcherbakova won, and in canada – alexandra trowanova. Both girls – representatives of section eter tutberidze. In general, figure skater from this group will be present at all tournaments this year. We even prepared a detailed calendar, where and when you can see them. More details – in separate material.

But the stage of intermationaux de france 2019 – special. First, on it for the first time as part of the grand prix on the ice, the world champion alina zagitova will be released. And secondly, this is the first stage where two wards tutberidze will meet on one ice. And it will become the main intrigue, because alena costoshnaya will be released in the arena.

Alyona kostornaya 3a https: // t.Co / t83ucqdnru pic.Twitter.Com / pkcrymhgiw

— swp (@sashawitchproj)
october 10, 2019

On the account of the 16-year-old figure skater this season already has a victory on «challenger» in finland, where she bypassed last year’s triumphature – elizavet tuktamyshev. In addition to the four jump, which has already become a distinctive sign of the new generation of tutberidze champions, the kosostna owns a triple accele.

We wrote about the younger championships of tutberidze group in a special article.

Figure skating 2019: grand prix in france: schedule

The difference in time of the european part of russia with france is unlike canada or usa – small. So many will be able to see the competition in a comfortable time. Broadcast the speech of russian women will «first channel». Arriving in the arena patinoire polesud athletes will start on october 30, the next day the first workouts and the draw will be held, and competitive speeches will begin from november.

Figure Skating 2019: Grand Prix in France: Schedule

Internationax de france: participants

With a lot of probability, the first two places will remain for russian women. As a serious opposition, japan’s champion cori sakamoto was considered, but fourth place in canada excluded it from the favorites. In addition to alina and alena, another russian woman will participate – 19-year-old maria sotskova. But the failed last season and the ninth place on «challenger» in slovakia make doubts about her competitiveness.

List of Participants

Previously, we wrote about what a secret for a long time i hid elizabeth tuktamysheva.

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