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January 12, 2022
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Department of digital technology, culture, media and sports (dcms) next week, will officially begin to revise the 2005 gambling act, which will hold the largest reform of the great britain.

Review that prime minister boris johnson called the obligation at the general election of 2019, will consider all current legislation on gambling in order to reform the industry in the interests of society and the transfer of consumer protection to the "digital epoch". Dcms will publish its "technical task" for analysis in which key criteria with suggestions regarding the ban on sponsorship rates and betting limits in online casinos will be presented.

The overview of the law on gambling gathered a variety of opinions from all political circles, with various stakeholders, considering how to manage the uk gambling sector, as well as key areas associated with the protection of consumers, safer gaming, advertising, behavior of operators and corporate office.

This summer, the special committee of the house of lords on the "social and economic consequency of gambling", chaired by lord garda, recommended 66 most important areas requiring urgent actions by the government.

The report of the special committee called on the government to correct "system failures" in the british business, including banking, loans and personal finances that strengthed the criminal consequences of the game dependency.

Indition to sectoal reforms, the review will busysed from the uk gambling commission (ukgc), in which the deporties questioned the "national strategy" of the department and its close cooperation with industry reportatives.

Meanwhile, the interparte group of colleagues in the house of lords conducted an overview of security measures, duties and protecting clients in order to identify "urgent changes" that need to be made to the existing rules.

Chaired by the lord foster organization peers for gambling reform we created to promote the recommendations of the house of lords on games.

Regardless of state regulation, the great britain’s gambling sector conducted radical reforms of its code of conduct and social responsibility, headed by the board and gambling (bgc).

In 2019, bgc members pledged to introduce a new advertising code by introducing a ban on all messages about rates during sports broadcasts.

It was supported by the obligation of all bgc members to ensure that 20% of the entire television, radio and online advertising were devoted to more secure reports of gambling during the first and second locks in the uk.

Meanwhile, the largest operators of british gambling operators promised to allocate 100 million pounds sterling on improving national research, education and treatment programs (ret) gambleaware.

Within 2020, all bgc members also committed themselves to comply with new game design standards, guarantees of digital advertising and reform vip programs for persons over 25 years.

Causeing an increased concern, the deputies demanded that dcms guarantee that his check would impose a requirement over 18 years to buy tickets of the national lottery and scratch-cards – after criticism from the commissioner for children’s children’s children, who claimed that camelot was abused by his position.

Next year, dcms will follow the government schedule: the department will control the restoration of tourism of tourism of covid-19, the reform of the great britain’s digital protection, the restructuring of the fourth contract of the national lottery.

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