Great Britain Sports Betting Industry: On Survival

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April 21, 2022
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Changing the rules for the operation of terminals with fixed coefficients (fobt) makes itself felt – new pps across the country turned out to be on the verge of survival. Since april 2019, more than a thousand bid reception points closed.

Great Britain Sports Betting Industry: On Survival

Voiced indicator equivalent to four closures per day. An unprecedented situation associated with a sharp reduction in the number of land points of receiving rates was the result of introducing lower rates on fobt.

If a negative trend is preserve, in the following three years another 2 thousand will be closed. Pps, and their employees will lose jobs. The situation is rather dangerous due to the impending decision on brexit.

British parliamentarians do everything possible so that the gambling industry is less attractive to users – tighten the rules of industry, limit advertising and sponsorship. One of the decision to reduce the minimum bet of fobt with £100 bc £2. The limitation led to the fact that bookmakers began to lose 60% of profits and closed massively – 1017 points have already stopped work, and another 982 recognize that, most likely, the activity by 2021.

According to preliminary calculations, the government decision will leave without work 11 thousand. British. Large betting players and tiny bookmakers are forced to revise plans for the future. The largest ladbrokes coral operator eliminated 198 ppps and plans to close another 702 objects. Betfred has stopped work 70 and is preparing to close up to 500 objects.

Operators are watching monthly indicators

Operators are waiting for monthly indicators to determine whether such measures are justified.

Independent bookmaker company from scotland – scotbet – located at the bankruptcy stage.

In parallel with this, analysts report that already at this stage it becomes clear that the suppression of the industry will not lead to the results that the british government counted. Managing director of jenningsbet greg knight explains that players simply began to give preference to less regulated segments of gambling business. For example, the increased popularity of slot machines, which, besides much less prepared to prevent the risks of the development of gambling addiction.

Recall that the uk regulatory policy committee adheres to a diametrically opposite opinion and believes that the extension with fobt has a positive impact on social responsibility.

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