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June 20, 2022
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Green Limited Was Criticized in Denmark Due To the Timing Of Television Advertising

In denmark, the online casino operator and the mrgreen limited operator was punished with a gambling advice for permission to broadcast advertising its domain igaming on mrgreen.Com immediately in front of a children’s television program.

The control service used the official press release of september 6 to describe in detail that offensive advertising was shown in december last year on the tv 2 play channel immediately before displaying the episode of the telemerial juleonsket. The body consisting of five people said that this program on christmas theme "is classified as a category of family content or entertainment" and will probably be intended in viewers who are not adults.

Existing embargo:

The gambling advertising council later announced that the guidelines of the national law on gambling directly prohibit companies involved in any form of gambling, sell their services "children and young people under 18". The regulator further ruled that mr green limited, which belongs to the british operator of land and online bookmakers william hill, violated this prohibition when placing advertising, violatition copyrights to mrgreen.Com, even though "many adults or parents undoubtedly watched a program with a child or a young man under the age of 18".

Direct discrepancy:

Although it was found that the company violates its regulations, mr green limited, nevertheless avoided the financial fine after the gambling advertising council, which consists of a chairman and four colleagues, equally representing the industry and its users, could not achieve the necessary unanimity. Consensus. This happened due to the fact that the member of the local law fim nordic gambling morten rond did not agree that the compatriots of jacob sherfig, thomas marcousssen, kate jacket and lars pint andersen voted not to take further actions.


"Considering that defendant buys television advertising only in age categories 18+ or 21+, i believe that defendant should not have been foreseen, and thus the defendant is not responsible for advertising shown immediately before juleonsket. So, i believe that the defendant did what it should, in order for advertising to be shown to children and young people under the age of 18.

The burden of responsibility of the operator:

Nevertheless, sherfig, who is the chairman of the gambling advertising council, spoke from the majority, saying that mr. Green limited is responsible for ensuring that his advertising is not "aimed at children and young people under the age of 18 years". And that the test marketing initiative "violated the marketing rules in the law on gambling and the code of the behavior of the gaming industry".

Schifiga proclamation read ..

"According to what was stated in the case, we believe that this marketing initiative was finally removed from the juleonsket, and thus the defendant’s marketing no longer contradicts marketing rules in the law on gambling and in the code of conduct. For the gaming industry. Theraefore, we vote for ensuring town the gambling advertising council took note of this issue ".

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