Griersmann And Messi No Longer Conflict: Antoine Justified For Uncle And Ex-Agent Comments

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June 29, 2022
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About the difficult relationship of two attackers «barcelona» messi and grizmann have been spoken for two years, despite the fact that there are no significant prerequisites for this. Fault – loud applications of former agent and uncle grizmanna about messi. We analyze the situation and collect everything that was said this month.

Griersmann and Messi no longer conflict: Antoine justified for uncle and ex-agent comments

Grizmann and messi: conflict between two stars «barcelona» exhausted

On the premature press conference on the eve of the game «barcelona» against «atletico» ronald kuman once again hooked the topic of the conflict of the french striker antoine grusmanna with the leader of the catalan team lionel messi. Then the netherlands specialist suddenly declared that the so-called conflict between these two players – full nonsense. About the difficult relationship between football players they say since the transition of grizmanna «bars».

The reason for this was the fact that antoine joined «sine-granatov» in the 2019/2020 season, but leo and the rest of the team were waiting for him a year earlier. On the eve, grizmann himself spoke on this, stating that he really discussed this topic with messi. The argentine did not like that in the 2018/2019 season, the french footballer refused to offer catalan even at the last moment, since lionel himself expressed the transfer in public.

According to antoine grizmanna, from the moment their misunderstanding was exhausted and now they are fine and even ready for each other «go to death». Such a comment from forward followed immediately ambiguous reaction of the grusti itself to the question of the grusmanna, which he received at the airport.

The question for which leo answered the phrase «i’m tired of being the cause of all problems “barca”», recently a recent statement of the former agent grizmanna about messi. It’s about comments by eric olats, in which he publicly stated that messi did everything for the worst adaptation of antoine in a new club. In the team, everyone fills only leo, who did not like the transfer of the famous frenchman. Messi allegedly infrigible a new teammate both during matches and in the course of preparation for them, which left a noticeable imprint.


In another article, we told about the new portion of insides about «barcelona», who relate to the salary of messi.

It sems that soon eric olats realized that his statement was too brave as for a person who was not involved in the career and life of antoine grusmanna for about three years. The football player himself emphasized than he stopped with this person any communication after oolats received an invitation to the wedding of the frenc athlete, but did not come to her. Soon the agent himself issued a new statement in which he admitted that he spoke only about his subjective opinion on the relationship between leo and antoine, the information about which was taken exclusive in the media.

Explained grusmann and for the words of his uncle that training in «barcelona» designed to please certain people, and antoine, in turn, need to be laid out on a complete one to achieve something. Soon the football player said that his uncle did not quite understand how football was arranged, so the journalist revealed such provocative statements from him.

«I said leo that i never spoke to him, i don’t even have a uncle phone number», – said grizmann about messi and this situation.

Whater it was, but antoine grizmann realy does a lot to stop talking about his conflict with leo messi. The player clearly does not like this topic, as well as the argentine for which this season is heavier than usual.

We advise you to read our separate material in which we disassembled the heavy transfer of grismann in detail in «bars».

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