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April 18, 2022
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November 5 was marked by a good growth of the main cryptocurrency. According to experts, the burst occurred against the background of the information that syscoin (sys) launches the payment gateway with ethereum.

Growth cryptocurrency today: Cause - News about Ethereum

The fact is that the new draft global blockchain network will allow clients to convert cryptocurrency without resorting to the services of a counterparty. Here is the reason for the growth of cryptocurrency.

According to the libertex platform, the course of the main cryptocurrency, bitcoin, increased by 2.14% and amounted to $ 9368, capitalization is $ 169.9 billion. At the same time, the cost of ethereum increased by 2.51% and is now $ 187.8, and capitalization is fixed in the amount of $ 20.7 billion. Litecoin strengthened his position by adding 6.15% in price – $ 61.6, and capitalization amounted to $ 3.9 billion. Xrp also does not lag behind the rest, stating + 3.51% and cost $ 9,3006. Capitalization of this e-currency reached $ 13.1 billion.

$ 251.6 billion – in this amount, the overall capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is assessed at the moment, although the growth schedule is not different in stability.

According to financial analysts, the market that has not exhausted its own potential, provides reason to believe that cryptocurrency growth prospects are available.

The growth dynamics of cryptocurrency can lead to achieve such results: bitcoin’s cost will be $ 9,500, ethereum will grow to $ 190, and litecoin – up to $ 63.

Recall that another messenger will launch his own cryptocurrency. This time viber will be engaged in.

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